Global Pacific Importers ---- Your Global Source

Source for your custom manufacturing offshore in Thailand, China, and Pakistan with quality-assured lower production costs.  Overseeing factories on-site from our Shangai office gives the customer a quality experience from lower production costs, to quality control inspections, to worry-free delivery.

Distribution and Logistics

  • Reliable.
  • Secure.
  • Tracked Delivery from Warehouse to Distribution Center.
  • Cost effective Shipments: By air, container, or truckload.

    Our reputation in delivering reliable, secure, consistently high-quality goods for highly respected industries (National and International Fishing Gear, Medical Supplies, Custom Machine work & Tooling) with accurate tracking (commercial invoicing, packing list, tracking numbers, and bill of lading) and on-time delivery to your warehouse or distribution center is second to none. Whether by air, container load, or truckload. GPI works to make your order cost effective.

    We support all greener business practices in all the factories we do business with.